After You Apply

Reminder: Send Your Show to Venues!

Make sure you’ve created a Fringe Backstage account, filled out an application, AND submitted your shows to venues (through the application process itself.) If you have NOT selected venues within Fringe Backstage, your show will not be considered! You should receive an email every time you submit a show to a venue (make sure emails from are not going into your spam). As part of this application process, the shows are NOT produced or presented by the Fringe, and the venues themselves receive your “ready to go” shows that you’ve created.

Offers from Venues

Be on the lookout for emails from that will be sent when a venue has looked at your application and either sent you an offer or has passed on your show. You may find that you receive several offers from different venues (if you have applied to more than one). As an independent producer, you must now decide yourself which deal will be most beneficial to your show. Some of the types of deals that you may encounter are:

  • Guarantee: Set fee for performance; venue then keeps all ticket sales.
  • Box Office Split: For example, 70% of the box office to the participants and 30% to the venue.
  • First Call: For example, participant receives the first $1000; venue then receives the rest.
  • First Call, Second Call, Split: For example, participant receives the first $1000; venue receives the next $1000; participant and venue then split the rest, with 60% to participant.
  • 100% of box office to the participant and bar receipts to venue.
  • 100% of box office revenue to their resident artists in exchange for a fair rental rate.
  • Any other arrangements which are agreeable to both parties.

Important Dates and Deadlines

The Fringe Backstage will be your home base for information, containing important dates and deadlines.

Your tickets will go on sale at our annual press conference on July 16th. At that time, the official site of the Fringe goes LIVE at with all shows living on the site and all tickets going on sale at once. Feel free to share the news that you’ll be participating in this year’s Fringe before that date!


All sales are processed through the centralized Fringe box office. Tickets will be available through, via phone, in person at the venues, and in person at a centralized box office. The Fringe recommends a top price ticket of $25. (Please note that $1 of every ticket goes towards the administration fees for the box office.) You will decide the price of your tickets in conjunction with your venue. You will receive automatic updates every week starting the week of July 15th from our third party vendor, Ticketleap.

Marketing & PR

Fringe shows are expected to market and promote their own productions.

  • The Fringe encourages shows to think as independent producers and distribute flyers, hang up posters, and get the word out via social media [#rocfringe24].
  • The Fringe will provide all registered shows with a template press release and a media contact list as well as a marketing & PR handbook. The marketing contact at each venue may also provide additional guidance.

Artist Insurance

To get insurance for your production, you can find options for artists through our link.

Box Office Settlements

For live/in-person shows:

The Fringe will submit payment to all venues by October 11, 2024. Venues will then postmark payments to shows by October 21, 2024.

For site-specific shows: The Fringe will send you your payment directly. It will be postmarked by October 21, 2024.

Out of Town Participants

If you are an out-of-towner and you need assistance, please contact us at We also have special hotel rates available for all out-of-town artists.