Want to Put on a Show in 2024?

Applications will open in February.  Exact submission dates and details will be posted here by the end of this month.

Mark your calendars: Fringe 2023 is scheduled for Sept. 12 - 23!

For The Uninitiated.

The Rochester Fringe Festival is a 12-day, all-out, no-holds-barred, multi-arts festival. The Fringe features international, national and local artists. It showcases theatre, comedy, dance, music, visual arts, children’s entertainment, physical theatre, musical theatre, opera, poetry, literature and experiences that have yet to even be imagined.

Fringe celebrated its 11th year anniversary in 2021 and has grown to become one of the most attended fringe festivals in the United States and the largest multidisciplinary performing arts festival in New York State. *blush*